ALADDIN is the newest film that Adam is writing/directing. It’s a hyper-sensory, poetic, and humorously modern take on the Arabian Nights Classic tale. The feature film will further explore the recesses of Adam’s symbolic imagination, playing like an Alejandro Jodorowsky version of Aladdin on handmade sets à la “The Science of Sleep”; with frenetic dialogue at the pace of Xavier Renegade Angel or South Park.

Revolving around Aladdin’s dysfunctional family, who live in an “average” American city ruled by a corrupt Sultan with a decadent socialite daughter, the film explores themes of technology, government repression, greed, and true-love.

In the months following the successful Kickstarter campaign, Adam’s focus was on pre-production in a 6000-square foot warehouse in Redhook, Brooklyn, where he and a small crew made 350 papier mache props and 33 hand-made sets!

Shooting has started and the cast includes acclaimed actors Macaulay Culkin, Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development) and Natasha Lyonne (Orange Is The New Black), celebrated NY musicians, Adam Green, Dev Hynes, Devendra Banhart, Har Mar Superstar, Andrew VanWyngarden (MGMT), as well as renowned artist Francesco Clemente.

A soundtrack and tour will accompany the release. Adam is ALADDIN right now!

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“The Wrong Ferarri” is a feature-film written and directed by Adam in 2010/2011 – it stars a diverse cast of actors and musicians including Macaulay Culkin, Jack Dishel, Alia Shawkat, Devendra Banhart, and Pete Doherty. Essentially a screwball-tragedy, the ketamine inspired movie was the first feature-film to be shot entirely on an iPhone.

Conceived on Green’s European tour in the summer of 2010, The Wrong Ferarri was also filmed in transit, with Green writing the script on index cards and presenting the actors/musicians with their lines on the day of the shoot. Taking advantage of the freedoms that come with shooting on a cellphone – they filmed impulsively on the canals in Venice, in a german gas station, in a cemetery in Prague – with Green making up the plot as they went along. Macaulay Culkin who joined up on the tour at a certain point, told Adam that he “wanted in” on the movie and Adam began to write him into the script. When they returned to New York at the end of the summer, Culkin allowed Adam to build sets in his NYC apartment and they completed the production there.

The film is an epic surrealist drug-odyssey which focuses on Adam’s psychological outlook on love, work, and turning 30. Obsessed with the pet-medicine Ketamine, the characters in the film turn into pets themselves only to find that the “K-hole” is bottomless and that they must overtake their masters. With its dialogue-driven approach, “The Wrong Ferarri” allows Green’s poetic and lyrical writing style to come alive – and ultimately propels a poem transforming it into the shape of a movie.

After being completed the movie was immediately released online as a free download. On April 4th 2011, the film premiered at Anthology Film Archives in NYC. In the weeks that followed it showed at the Downtown Independent theater in Los Angeles and at The Mexico Theater in Milan. “The Wrong Ferarri” has been downloaded in its entirety over 300,000 times. Rolling Stone magazine described it as “Fellini on Ketamine.”

** Contains Explicit Content! PASSWORD to view: mindwheel **


“How To Act Bad” is a feature-length documentary film which follows Adam through life and on tour for his album “Minor Love.” Filmed over a period of 2 years, the documentary invites viewers to join Green on many misadventures. It provides an open and emotional look at the life of the singer/artist – showing as he directs his own film “The Wrong Ferarri”, plays concerts in Europe, and carouses with various females. This newly-completed film is to be released this year (2012) and will be play at film festivals around the planet – NOTE: This movie is pretty crazy

HOW TO ACT BAD starring ADAM GREEN from Dima Dubson on Vimeo.