MusiK For A Play (2010)

Minor Love (2010)

Sixes & Sevens (2008)

Jacket Full of Danger (2006)

Gemstones (2005)

Totally Sincere Guide To Becoming An Artist

1. Decide upon Artist as your destiny and begin to value your own visions with esteem and conviction. You can’t really start until you think that way about yourself.

2. Work 75% with the things that come naturally to you and don’t assume that just because a certain idea occurs naturally to you that it is obvious to anybody else.

3. Excavate exactly what it is inside your head and make that thing in the outside world.

4.  Let your emotions guide the medium. If you are a songwriter, let your emotions guide the melody into words. If you are a visual artist, let your feelings enter into the lines and colors.

5.  Juxtapose things that you don’t think have been put together before. Use the weight of one thing to balance the other.



Friends of Mine (2003)